I was just reviewing this question: How do I fix a lot of broken packages?

And I saw the comment by @HoussemGuesmi.

He said, "use apt, as apt-get is being replaced with apt on 16.04"

Is this really true? I couldn't find evidence of this on Google.


Right now you can use both apt & apt-get, while apt has received a lot of developer love in the past weeks/month.

Therefore, apt now comes with a progress bar, coloring, etc.

It does not fully replace apt-get so far, but will most likely in the future. So in the long-term it might make sense to get used to apt as well and not rely only on apt-get.

In addition, please see the question If apt-get was replaced by just apt, as it covers this topic already.

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    @AndroidDev to add to the above answer it will for sure being there until EOL of 16.04 which is in 2021 so nothing to worry yet about.
    – Videonauth
    May 3 '16 at 11:37

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