Yesterday I tried to install Kubuntu 16.04 LTS onto an 8GB USB2.0 Stick following this answer. I changed the location for the bootloader to install to sdb(Which indeed was my usb drive).
Still kubuntu managed to replace MBR with GRUBon my internal drive, all files are still there and a clean install was overdue so its no that bad.
So how do I correctly install Kubuntu(16.04) to an external drive to have a portable OS that can be plugged into any PC?
Im not interested in creating a bootable live system. I know how to do that.


Try this: stap 1: download a live cd step 2: boot your pc from the live cd (with external HDD attached to the pc) follow the installation like normal and when you get to select hard drive, just select your external one!

Grub however i do not know

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  • Yes, thats what I tried and somehow it still installed parts to my internal hard drive – sro5h May 2 '16 at 8:57

How I finally got it to work:

  1. Create a bootable disk/usb stick with your favourite linux distro (I used elementary os)
  2. Power of your PC and unplug it
  3. Unplug all internal external hard drives from your computer (for me my ssd and hdd)
  4. Plug in your bootable usb stick/insert the disk & plug in the usb device you want to install it to
  5. Boot the bootable stick, choose install 'whateverdistroyoudownloaded'
  6. Choose to manually select where to install to (For elementary os thats the last option - something else)
  7. Select the usb device to install to (Should be the only device listed)
  8. Have fun with your new portable linux :)

Instructions from: click me

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