I have just reinstalled the Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop due to upgrading to an SSD and now I am experiencing an issue with nvidia drivers. When I install a proprietary driver after a reboot the systel launches (i can hear sound) but the screen is black. I have tried several guides and no luck so far.

I have tried installing both availiable drivers from nvidia:

The solution proposed it the following answer didn't help:
Proprietary NVidia drivers with EFI on Mac, to prevent overheating

Laptop ASUS K501LB
VGA GeForce 940M

UPDATE: The nvidia-352 driver is working fine, but only after I have reinstalled Ubuntu 14.04. This time I used 14.04.3 and the problems were when I was using 14.04.4.

P.S. Should I report this as a bug to Ubuntu developers?


You may have installed a bugged driver. I know on some GPU models, there are 3 to four different proprietary drivers to install. Which results in the black screen of Death. Similar to the black screen of death on Windows where a buggy windows update or an infection "deletes" access to the desktop.

From Nixie Pixel on YouTube, she was able to do a work around. This video is from a while ago and she is using 12.04, however, it should work for 14.04.

YouTube Video

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  • Thank you for your advice. After following the instructions from that video I have managed to get an image of the login screen, but it is in a very low resolution and I can't log in - when I enter my password I am still ending up seeing the login screen and asked to enter the password to log in. – spektro37 May 2 '16 at 9:35

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