Just got a new a new hp laptop without an OS installed on it.

I installed ubuntu from a USB. The installation completed successfully. Then it asked me to restart.

After restart, I get message saying "please install an operating system".

I can also reach a terminal with prompt saying grub>. don't know if it helps.

turns out I can press esc to get to boot menu. then tell the laptop to boot from efi file called grunb under a folder named ubuntu. Then ubuntu loads.. however, if I restart the laptop, I need to do the process again..

still searching for an automatic solution.

How can I make this work?


Find out which EFI file path you need

  • go to boot options
  • select install from EFI file - ** REMEMBER THE PATH
  • see ubuntu loads

This is not the end as you need to define this as the default method

  • go to boot menu (for me it was pressing esc on splash screen)
  • go to boot setup ==> advanced ==> boot setup
  • add a custom boot method
    • type in the EFI file
  • go back to the setup menu
  • go to EFI boot sequence
  • make custom the first step
  • I also unchecked other boot options except for USB and custom but not sure if it is required

This should make ubuntu load by default.

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