I have a properly installed and configured isc-dhcp-server & bind9 box that is correctly updating DNS records based on leases. This works well.

I understand how the isc-dhcp-server can be configured for multi-nic / multi-homed use cases, multiple subnet, etc. What I'm having difficulty with is the proper / recommended configuration for a known client node with reservations. Specifically, I have a laptop with an internal wireless nic as well as an ethernet connection. This laptop (aio) is configured properly so that when a tethered connection is detected the wifi is disabled to favor the eth0 connection.

What I am trying to accomplish is to have aiodynamically register this change in bind9 and pull a reserved IP during this switchover. I can't seem to make that happen gracefully as my attempts to configure 2 reservations with the same hostname albeit different macs in isc-dhcp-server fail.

So slightly restated, I'm trying for

Host: aio    
eth0:    uniqueMac1
wl0:    uniqueMac2

Any help or direction appreciated.

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What I wound up doing was using MAC address cloning which on the most recent version of NetworkManager (1.2.2-0ubuntu0.16.04.3) works across wifi and eth0.

On the DHCP server I did find it necessary to disable conflict detection (from time to time) with update-conflict-detection false;

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