Using vnstat, I observed a lot of uploaded data from my computer and I don't know which process sent data out of my computer. Is there a tool to get stats on how much data a process consumed during a period of time? Thank you.

Update: Looks like the process isn't sending data anymore, I installed nethogs to monitor live data transfer and everything seem totally normal.

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  • I edited the question, precising that what I'm looking for is stats on past data use of processes. – Psddp Apr 30 '16 at 14:10

Then nethogs command line utility will show you the network usage of every process on your system. You can install it by using

sudo apt-get install nethogs

Then just type in "nethogs" into the terminal and as soon as the process starts to use your bandwidth it will be listed.

  • just what i need , pid+user + program + network interface and in/out and already sorted by speed ! thanx ! – Vladimir Ch Feb 25 at 17:04

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