I am trying to fix an encoding issue with any zip files or rar files that I unzip.

Anything I try to unzip through file-roller comes out like this

enter image description here

if using the unzip utility in terminal this is the output

  Archive:  romeo_inst.zip
  inflating: romeo/???~?I???V???f????.txt  
  inflating: romeo/???~?I???V???f????karaoke.mp3 

I do not understand what is going wrong and I have tried everything including convmv and everything else!

  • @andrew.46 Thanks man! not used to this type of forums. – Tyler Ahde Apr 30 '16 at 16:39
 unzip -O cp932 filename.zip

Option -O cp932 avoid this collapse, I think.

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    To add some reference, -O is for charsets of files generated from "DOS, Windows and OS/2 archives". If the file was created on Unix, use -I. And then, cp932 refers to Microsoft's Japanese encodings. – Gino Mempin Mar 8 '19 at 3:32

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