Since I have Ubuntu 16.04 have not had any problems with the PS2 mouse, but a week ago I placed a new mouse USB. This mouse freezes randomly (Sometimes while I am using the PC and sometimes this happens for hours without using the PC) and I have to disconnect the mouse and reconnect it.

I have tried to restart lightdm, I have reinstalled the mouse drivers, I have changed the values of the files level, control and wakeup to y autosuspend to on, enable y -1 respectively, I get nothing.

When the mouse works correctly and I type the command xsetpointer -l | grep Pointer the terminal displays 8: " USB OPTICAL MOUSE" [XExtensionPointer] but when the mouse freezes, that line does not appear. The same happens when I type the command xinput --list, when the mouse works correctly the terminal displays USB OPTICAL MOUSE id=8 but when the mouse freezes, that line does not appear. What can happen?

Note: In Windows the mouse works correctly.

  • You could start run dmesg -w in a terminal and observe potential disconnection problems. Leave the terminal open and continue to work. If the mouse freezes, check the terminal. It seems to be a hardware failure, not a Xorg problem. Paste the resulting lines here to analyze. – kanehekili Dec 26 '18 at 23:41

Check for related messages with (-p comes for priority, 4 means "warning" and above: err, crit...):

journalctl -b 0 -p 4

Common cases:

  • Other USB device is the problem. In my case was a Western Digital Passport external HDD. Try disconnecting any other USB device.
  • The USB mouse cable is just broken: you have to replace it (or repair it).
  • This is a pretty common behavior with wireless mouses when they are running out of battery. If that's your case check on a terminal with

    upower -i $(upower -e | grep mouse)

    or with GUI, gnome-power-statistics or in Gnome Shell Power Settings:



Another possibility - maybe weird sounding but perhaps easy to try - use a different USB port or if using a USB hub, try directly connecting the mouse to the computer. I've occasionally solved a similar problem (with Windows) that way - seemed like some subtle interaction between the hardware, the firmware, and the O/S, but I've never taken the time to deeply investigate. Does your mouse light stay on when the mouse is frozen? If not, check cable, socket, or try another mouse.

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