Ubuntu : 16.04
MAAS: 2.0.0 beta 3

I need to change the gateway address of my subnet( private lAN,Internal which is to ip address of my region/rack controller( internal ip

The reason behind this I am using NAT on my region/rack controller and all nodes must have gateway as to connect to internet for download required files.


You can achieve that using MAAS CLI.

Login to your MAAS server via SSH. Get API key from your administrator account (take a look to the top right corner in the web GUI) and run the following command:

maas login my-mass http://localhost/MAAS 

Find ID of a subnet you need to change:

maas my-mass subnets read

Change it:

maas my-maas subnet update <ID> gateway_ip=

Please note, I have not tried running commands above, so there might be typos, but when in need, just use --help:

maas my-maas subnet update --help

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