How to set Super key (release) as a shortcut for xfce4-popup-whiskermenu. Its currently set to Ctrl/primary+esc.

I am using Xubuntu 16.04

  • Strange - I have Xubuntu 16.04 and I have the Super shortcut key set by default – UniversallyUniqueID Apr 27 '16 at 11:05
  • @BharadwajRaju, I've tested it now in Virtualbox and it doesn't work by default – user300458 Apr 27 '16 at 12:18
  • I think this may be similar to this unanswered question for it to work on key release instead of key press. askubuntu.com/questions/670209/… – jbrock Apr 27 '16 at 13:32

Open whiskermenu, type "keyboard" and hit enter. Then choose "Shortcut for application" and find the entry for xfce4-popup-whiskermenu. Dubble-click the assigned shortcut. Now press Super-key. Done.

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    I tried it, but it sets for "Key press" not "Key release" i.e, If i want to use Super+R , it opens both whisker and something else – Severus Tux May 7 '16 at 13:05

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