I had Ubuntu 15.10 running fine on my Thinkpad x200.

The live USB of 16.04 runs fine, ran a check on it's files - checks out ok.

Told the installer to format the ext4 drive and install 16.04 from scratch, everything seemed to go well up till after the restart - got a kernel panic right after the grub screen.

Here's a Boot-info summary.

The error message during panic says /bin/sh exists but can not be executed.

I can execute that sh from the live USB though... (by going to the mount point of sda2, and executing it's /bin/sh)

Any ideas?

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It turns out this problem is associated with an installation of a 64bit Ubuntu using a USB created by unetbootin..

Creating a disk using Linux Live USB creator and installing from it fixed the problem.

I still wonder what was wrong with the init, if someone has any insight regarding this error...

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