I have a remote machine I need to ssh to using blowfish encryption. I set everything up on my laptop on my previous distro and I have in my config file setup for blowfish. Today I install Ubuntu Gnome and when I try to ssh to whatever machine I get an error

/home/yotam/.ssh/config line 43: Bad cipher 'blowfish'.

I searched what I need to install, but it seems that this should come with the distro. What am I missing?


There is no cipher called blowfish in SSHv2. It was only in the old protocol SSHv1, which is gone (hopefully also on Ubuntu).

SSHv2 has cipher called blowfish-cbc as pointed out in manual page for ssh_config (always good place to start).

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In ubuntu 16.04 you can try this (replace user and ip)

ssh -XC -c aes128-gcm@openssh.com youruser@
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All you need to do is delete any lines containing:

cipher blowfish

from the ~/.ssh/config file, which in the case of the original poster is line 43, as indicated by the error message. However, this error message is misleading; see the answer on https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1281705

The probable cause is that you set up your SSH connection some time ago, or used an old tutorial, and now you upgraded to a version of SSH that doesn't permit this option.

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