I am fairly new to the Linux community. I apologize in advance if this question has been asked & answered already.

I have a fairly large mp3 collection and am looking for a Linux based media player. While I have found a number of them, I am looking for a server similar to Pandora Radio that has the following specific features:

  1. Stations - creating a Nine Inch Nails Station will make the server automatically play music similar to NIN,
  2. Accessible from Windows, Linux and Android clients,
  3. Multi-user - Allowing each member of my household to create their own stations.

Again, I apologize in advance if this has been asked & answered. I've been looking, but haven't found anything, which could be due to my lack of Linux knowledge.


Try the Logitech Media Server.

This is software that used to be bundled with Logitech hardware that is now obsolete, but it is still being maintained and developed. You can find it here. Download the "Debian Installer Package" that corresponds with your computer architecture (ARM, i386 32bits, AMD 64 bits) and install it with dpkg -i logitechmediaserver-[version].deb. Currently, the latest version is 7.9.
After installing it, you point it at your mp3 collection and it will create a database of your mp3 collection. You control it through a small webserver running on port 9000. There are various apps in the Apple Store and the Google Play store to control it.

I have been running this server for years on various pieces of hardware, either on a Ubuntu server or Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian). It's a very solid piece of work. It comes with many plugins, including (yes!) Spotify.

  • Thank you. I will give it a try! My girlfriend hates building playlists (via my Plex Media Server) so finding a media server with the "station" feature is my current quest. – The Cli3nt Apr 26 '16 at 19:02

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