I recently updated my Ubuntu installation on PC from 15.10 to 16.04 and now I can't run Filezilla. (All other apps are OK as far as I can tell.) When I go to Dash and click on the Filezilla icon, the icon appears in the Launcher, the hard drive appears to fetch some files for about 8 seconds, and then the icon in the Launcher disappears and nothing happens. I have removed and re-installed Filezilla (several times!), but the problem persists. Any help would be appreciated.


I had just deleted the file ~/.config/filezilla/filezilla.xml and it worked.

I think something's wrong with the old configuration file.


You can just rename the config file of FileZilla, for it please execute the command in terminal:

mv ~/.config/filezilla/filezilla.xml old-filezilla.xml

Don't worry with the loss of configured, because the FileZilla make a new configure file with the old configured and you don't lose your configures

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