I'm running 16.04 since a few days, and I'm noticing something: after some time (hours or days - I quite never shut down this computer), the network connection stops working. I can't connect to anything with a browser, the ftp server stops answering to requests (local network), no network. The network icon shows nothing wrong, if I click twice on "Activate network" (so it goes to unactivated state, then back to normal) network connection is working again. Is that a known issue ? Does anyone has an idea where to look for useful info I could post here (I don't know what log could be really related). Thanks in advance for your answsers


You can write simple shell script to round this problem (bug,etc ) that it will be like this : /bin/bash ping google.com if [ $?=0 ] then else systemctl restart NetworkManager #or ifup eth0 fi And put this script on crontab.

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