I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 (I've been using 10.10 before). First thing I changed in Nautilus was to use list view instead of icon view. So it looks like this: Screenshot

Please note the dark background of the name column, caused by the column being sorted. This, for me, is too dark. The most important information I want to browse through are the names of files and folders, and when it has such a low contrast it means it takes me longer to find the item I am looking for.

So my question is: How can I make the background color of the name (sorted) column brighter, like how it was in Ubuntu 10.10?

Also, where can I go to tell the Ubuntu GUI guys "hey this is too dark"?

I've already quickly looked through /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0 but could not find the appropriate setting there.

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I've been trying to figure the same thing. I'm certain this is controlled by settings in the theme's gtk-3.0 folder, if that helps. only 2 themes I've found change that. Adwaita is built in theme, for me it makes the selected column background all white. However, there is a nicer result if you change the theme to Zukitwo. http://lassekongo83.deviantart.com/art/Zukitwo-203936861. In order to run that, you have to install the murrine theme engine (I think for the gtk-2.0 apps like firefox) and then also the unico engine for the gtk-3.0 apps, like nautilus.

After you do that, the nautilus selected column will be lighter. I'm trying to find out which if the css settings in that theme make a difference. I haven't yet figured it out.

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