I have a large 3TB NTFS formatted hard drive in my PC which I use for storage. I am trying to back it up onto an external drive. Every 6 months when I upgrade ubuntu I copy my home directory into the Backup folder this drive. I now am trying to backup that onto an external drive. This issue I am having is that I keep getting permission denied errors. I am using the archive-manager to copy the contents of my old home directories into an .tar.gz format. The error says I did not have permission to access something in my wine directory. I tried running sudo chown -R Backups on the 3TB drive but this did not fix the issue. Next I ran both nautilus and the archive manager with sudo permissions and I still get the same error.

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Well it looks like in my wine folders it was linking to my Z: drive which is the root directory. Once I deleted all the wine folders it works.

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