I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. I used Kazam to record a video of my desktop (a Hangouts chat) After I was done, I clicked "finish recording" and I did not get the pop-up asking me to rename and save file. So I hit "quit" , and still did not get the prompt. Now it seems the video is gone. I can't find a Kazam folder on my file desktop, and it's certainly not in video folder, but is it possible that it could be stored in a deep folder somewhere? I haven't shut down my computer yet, hoping it's somewhere temporarily cached, at least. I used Kazam yesterday, for this exact same purpose, and it worked perfectly. Perhaps because the screencast today was over an hour? I'm not very familiar with Kazam. I just started using it last week.

EDIT: It appears after much googling, that there are a number of bug reports concerning this exact behavior( no pop-up window, asking how to save) I still can't find if there is a tmp file location that may have the video sitting somewhere. I'm trying to find if I can resurrect the file, before shutting down my computer, because I'm sure once I reboot, the possibility of saving it will be gone ( if not already)

  • I also had this happen to me today. I am hoping you figured it out and can tell me what the solution was. – Erin Spiceland Sep 28 '16 at 15:59
  • 1
    @Erin Sorry to say, I never did. I changed my settings to "auto save" from now on. But as far as that video, I lost it for good. – 5th Wheel Sep 28 '16 at 16:49

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