I deleted my Ubuntu partition from Windows 7, and when I boot my computer it says:

error: unknown file system Entering rescue mode... Grub rescue>

Now I can enter commands.

I googled a lot of different things but can't find an answer. I've entered ls, and got a list of all the partitions. From there I tried to ls all three partitions listed. Every time it says File system unknown.

I've tried starting my computer with a windows install disk in it and it goes to grub rescue anyways.

I have also tried to boot from a usb containing Ubuntu and on a separate occasion from one with windows 7. Both times I just got a blinking underscore and nothing else.


You will need a windows 7/8/10 disc or bootable usb.

Boot from windows boot media. Select your language and press next.

Then click on repair your computer option in bottom left.

Now depending on which windows disc you have, you need to find the command promt option in repair your computer menu. It is usually under advanced options.

Once you get yourself in command prompt, simply type these 2 commands.

1 : bootrec /fixmbr and press enter.

2 : bootrec /fixboot and press enter.

Exit out of command prompt by typing exit. Then turn off your system and restart.

You should now be booting in Windows 7.

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