Long story short , i inserted a windows 10 bootable USB deleted all partitions previously were installed , did this in command prompt :

select disk 0

then installed a windows 10 on the machine .
after that made a new bootable USB with ubuntu 16.04 , after booting the USB , before installing i had a warning saying somthing like :

another operatin system (windows 10) is installed , using legacy BIOS and you are trying to install ubuntu through uefi , if you continue you might not be able to load the other operating system

i ignored it and went to install ubuntu, created a new partition alongside windows created a swap partition , and i the bootloader partition i think was the hard disk itself .
after finishing the installation i couldnt see windows entry in grub menu .
after searching i booted again into windows 10 usb and in command prompt i did :

bootsect /nt60 c: /mbr  

this command deleted ubuntu grub and now im only able to load into windows 10 .
how can set up grub with both ubuntu and windows 10 entries ?


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what i did is , using Rufus for creating a windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 bootable images ,
important : when creating the usb under partition scheme select only UEFI with GPT disk (for both ubuntu 16.04 and windows 10) .

Turn on PC and :

  • plug windows 10 usb into the machine
  • click Esc (or your setup key) then Enter setup menu
  • in BIOS settings disable secure boot (search for it under the tabs)
  • enable CSM feature (under boot tab) this will let you boot from USB
  • click f10 to exit and save changes .
  • click Esc (or your setup key) then you USB should appear here
  • click the usb and boot into windows 10 installation , on the screen install now click shift+alt+f10 this will open command prompt , do the following :

    diskpart select disk 0 - (in my case i wanted to install on disk 0) you can whatever you have clean - this will clean any disk type (MBR or GPT)

  • after you can partion and install windows 10 as you like .

  • after installing windows 10 , remove windows 10 usb and insert ubuntu (created as above ).

  • install ubuntu as you would do normally .

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