I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Each time I run an APT or dpkg command, it does what it supposed to do until it come to the package masalla-icon-theme (which I'm not using anymore). The package downloads, but as soon as apt tries to unpack it, my computer freezes. This is the error I get when trying to update packages:

dpkg: error processing package masalla-icon-theme (--configure):
 package is in a very bad inconsistent state; you should 
 reinstall it before attempting configuration

I tried waiting but it always stay stuck.

I tried removing the package from /var/lib/dpkg/status or by emptying the APT cache but this didn't help.


You should remove the package first, you can do this via terminal by typing : sudo apt-get remove masalla-icon-theme or by using synaptic, then run this command : sudo apt-get install -f , bytheway, this problem happened when you install external package in your system ,

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  • Thanks for your answer but I can't use apt-get remove <...>. It says that I need to run sudo dpkg --configure -a. But when I do, my computer crashes. – M-Gregoire May 3 '16 at 17:47

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