I am running Docker and I'm trying to use a binary which is located in a shared folder (I shared the folder via "-v host/folder/path:guest/folder/path"). The folder works fine, I am able to see the folder contents using ls and everything. However when I need to run my program like this: /guest/folder/path/mybinary it won't work. It says "No such file or directory" However if I navigate to the folder and just use "mybinary", it works.

Any ideas of what could be the cause? Thanks!

Update I figured that running it without a specific path actually executes another version of it from the PATH. Which means that the path I'm trying to use never gets executed. Whether I use the absolute path or ./mybinary in the folder itself returns "No such file or directory"

  • Silly question but doesn't that binary have executable permissions set? – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Apr 22 '16 at 17:56

Figured it out. After running file /path/to/mybinary I realized it was a 32bit binary so I had to install 32 libs. Then the problem went away!

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