I am having hp pavilion g6 2320tx with windows 8 preinstalled with the UEFI mode

I am trying to install ubuntu alongside Windows 8 but it fails every time giving me the error that grub2 was not installed.

First please download this Word File where i have all the screenshots


Here Are the Steps i followed :-

  1. I disabled Secure boot and disabled legacy mode(i have tried enabling legacy mode and installing ubuntu but that also failed!). Here is Screenshot of the BOOT OPTION of my laptop before i attempt to install

    First point Image in Word File

  2. After this i restart and started ubuntu from usb flashdrive (live boot).But Before getting into ubuntu it gives the below screen for just a flash of a second

    Second Point Image in Word File

This comes every time i did this procedure(i ignored this msg btw :P)

  1. After Getting into Ubuntu i chose to install ubuntu and i created:

    • a swap area of 4096 mb.
    • a boot area of 500 mb.
    • rest of space for ubuntu.
    • This is my partition space.

    Third Point Image in Word File

  2. These are the options i was getting in bootloader installation and i selected dev/sda

    Fourth Point Image in word file

  3. Everything Goes smooth from now until installing grub2 package appears during the installation i managed to click this line which appeared in the logs under installation

    Fifth Point Image in word File

  4. And finally i get these golden words.

    Sixth Point Image in word File

  5. Few Things which i have tried and failed

    • Tried Boot-repair from live boot and failed
    • legacy mode disabled/enabled tried both
    • checked my usb is flashed in UEFI mode
    • Connected to Internet
    • tried with all other option available over internet

And Yes this is the 17nth Time i tried installing !

PS : Sorry for not posting the images directly. I need to have 10 reputations to do so:P


When you have the product key, you could try a complete fresh installation of both, Windows and than Ubuntu. Where do you install grub? /dev/sda or /dev/sdaX? You can also try to install grub from a live disk. I don't know the exact command, but it should be something like grub-install /dev/sda. You need chroot before

  • boot-repair also tries to reinstall the grub I guess – Ezio Apr 22 '16 at 18:36
  • And I have also tried the boot repair but nothing had happened then – Ezio Apr 22 '16 at 18:37

So finally i figured out what the problem was. Its the 23rd time i installed(Yes i was counting :P)

So it was all about fast boot , it was ON, i thought that fast boot option is available on the BIOS settings and in hp i was not able to see any such thing so i assumed that there is no such thing in HP :P

But in many laptops its not in the BIOS you have to turn it off from the windows

So for people like me (especially using HP laptops) follow these steps

  1. Make sure secure boot is off

    • Start your laptop and keep pressing F10
    • BIOS will open. now go to System Confirguration and then select boot options

    • NOW select Secure boot and choose disable

    • Press escape and save and exit . REMEMBER TO SAVE AND EXIT OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT SAVE YOUR SETTINGS(you can find save and exit in the exit tab)

  2. Turning Off fast boot

    • now open your windows , go to control panel(Those who dont know how to - press start+Q type control panel and open it[windows 8 + method])

    • now go to power options or search for power options if you are not able to see by pressing ctrl+F and typing power options

    • Now open power options and in the right side you'll see 'Choose what the power button do'. Click this .

    • Now you will see 'Change settings that are currently unavailable '. Click this and scroll down

    • You will see an option of fast boot . make sure that it's not checked

    • Now save changes and exit

So yeah! That was pretty much it.

Now try to install ubuntu the usual way and if you face any problem ,mention it , i'll try to help you out

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