I want give some people FTP access to the files of unix user bob. Since bob has sudo, I don't want to share his unix password.

How can I make sure FTP users have the same file rights as bob without giving his password?

Note 1 : I currently use VSFTPD, but I'm happy with any CLI FTP server.

Note 2 : Ideally, I would like to setup an FTP-only password which connects as bob. Having a new user, say alice, with the same rights as bob, would be fine too, but I want any future file created by bob to be immediately read/writable by alice as well!


All you need to do is to add alice user into bob's group,
since bob is the creator and owner of the files.

To check who is the owner of a file, use

$ ls -l filename

To see which groups bob is registered in, use

$ groups bob

To add existing user alice to a group, use

# usermod -a -G groupname alice

Also check this out, for more on user management.

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