I never had any problems with h.264 playback on Ubuntu 14.04 until recently. I am using Opera Developer as default browser (yep, I know) and there´s known bug for not playing h.264 videos. But other browsers worked flawlessly so if I needed to watch something, I was one click away. Yesterday I updated Ubuntu and alongside I updated Opera Developer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi. After this update, I can´t play h.264 videos anywhere. All browsers show nothing, only weird white and black fragmented stuff. Audio works. /html5 site on YouTube shows everything is ok, but when I try online html5 support tests, h.264 is missing. I tried everything what I was able to find on forums. h264 is installed, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg is installed from PPA, gstreamer1.0-libav is installed too. Any idea what to do? Thanks.


Just had a similar issue on 16.04 with Vivaldi.

  1. Sites to check Video playback:

  2. Install the libffmpeg library:

    • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra
    • Revisit step 1 and test.
  3. For Vivaldi snapshot, but maybe similar to other browsers:

    • cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser/libs
    • sudo install libffmpeg.so /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/libffmpeg.so
    • Revisit step 1 and test.
    • Background Information

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