EDIT: gitkraken now features a merge tool with conflict resolution. Its available from the official gitkraken website. So I have a working solution

I am using gitkraken as my GUI-git client, which doesn't have an internal merge tool, so I am required to use meld as merge tool.

When I run meld in my terminal it works just fine.

However when I need to resolve a merge conflict in gitkraken it fails to open the tool, saying that the tool was not found; so I suspect I setup the .gitconfig wrong.

Here you can find part of my .gitconfig:

    tool = meld
    tool = meld

both set up with:

git config --global merge.tool


git config --global diff.tool

This seems to be old but I'll contribute with my answer anyway. I had the same issue as you and I could solve it by providing this configuration:

        tool = meld
        tool = meld    
    [difftool "meld"]
        cmd = meld "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"

So I think that the difference between your issue and mine is that you may be missing the command line specification.


For the ppl who still want to use external merging tool,

Once you see a merge conflict in gitkraken just go to the terminal (in your project root folder) and type git mergetool. this will try to open the default merge tool configured.

Once merging is done, you can go back to gitkraken and commit and merge the changes.

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