During Ubuntu 14.04LTS server installation using MAAS, some packages are downloaded from Ubuntu mirrors.

Is there a way of installing Ubuntu using MAAS in an environment without internet connection i.e; instead of packages being downloaded from the internet, they are to be downloaded from a local mirror?


That's should be pretty easy. There's a setting in MAAS for that.

Take a look at http://your-maas-server/MAAS/settings Ubuntu section. I guess „Main archive (required)“ field is just what you are looking for. (Of course I presume that you already have local mirror in your internal network).

I have an access to MAAS 2.0 at the moment, but 1.9 had the same setting too.


You should be able to find the recenly installed packages in your local cache:


you can backup them from there in a directory and use

dpkg -i PACKAGENAME.deb

to install them.

  • Okay. But does that mean, if I create a package mirror on MAAS server the curtin installer will automatically download the packages from it rather than reaching out to the ubuntu mirrors? – saisrinivas Apr 19 '16 at 9:39
  • To be honest, this is a question i dont know the answer to. And i cant try it out i not have the enviroment to test this. For sure you could initiate a manual install this way. – Videonauth Apr 19 '16 at 9:48

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