I wish to write a cheat sheet for physics/math course using Latex.
Generally I prefer to avoid using GUI, such as Lyx - I want to write the Latex source code by myself.
To do this effectively, I need that the resultant PDF file will be updated simultaneously while writing the Latex code, without writing the data to HDD for each update.
I thought of two methods to achieve this, but perhaps I'm missing something so I verify with you:

Method #1 - Using Lyx:
Probably Lyx has the right mechanism that updates the PDF in RAM.
I tried to edit the Latex source code but it doesn't allow it.

Method #2 - Creating a directory in /tmp that has ramfs filesystem:
The command xetex will create the PDF in RAM every 1 second or so.

Do you know a better method or an already available software that meets my requirements?

Using Ubuntu 14.04.

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