Problem description

When I shutdown my pc with:

  • sudo shutdown -v now
  • sudo reboot
  • or a normal shutdown

I'm getting an endless shutdown.
By pressing F1 or Esc I can get black console window with line

Wait-for-state stop/waiting

When I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete some lines appear, but I can't see error there.
Ctrl+Alt+F1 enables a console, but I can't type there while shutting down.

Additional information

Problem appeared after installation of Canon LBP6000 printer's driver. I used this instruction. Also I done some neccesary things to make printer work: chmod 777 /dev/usb/lp0

What I did to solve this problem (but still no luck)

I completed suggestions from here.
Result of this and my system information are here.

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Ran into the same problem with ubuntu 14.04 and canon printer drivers. Had to remove everything i installed. Only after running one of these solved shutdown/restart problem:

sudo apt-get purge libpopt0:i386
sudo update-rc.d -f ccpd remove
# commented out in /etc/ccpd.conf: section <Printer> completely and inside <Ports>
sudo apt-get purge cups cups-daemon cups-server-common
sudo apt-get purge portreserve

I'm pretty sure that sudo update-rc.d -f ccpd remove is the fix, but i won't install canon drivers ever again :)

PS: please note that removing ccpd from upstart job will not start printing stuff automatically.

  • Seems like problem in ccpd only. The only workaround here is to start ccpd by hands on system start and disable before shutdown. – Алексей Титов Sep 3 '16 at 12:34

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