I am aware that the shortcode of "Shift + Alt + F12" disables all the desktop effects of Kubuntu 15.10. However, is there a way to disable all those effects automatically and permanently in every future session?

Objective: Speeding up Kubuntu 15.10 as much as possible.

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    This question is relevant to me because for some reason the autocomplete prompt in IntelliJ idea is also influenced by the fade effect... which is really distracting. I had to disable Fade in Desktop Effects.
    – xji
    Jan 28, 2018 at 17:53

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Head to

System Settings > Hardware > Display and Monitor > Compositor

Remove ✔ mark from Enable compositor on startup

When this is done, make reboot.

  • +1 - Thank you for your great answer! That indeed is the best way around it.
    – Ken
    Apr 17, 2016 at 10:54
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    I don't think a reboot should be necessary...
    – AstroFloyd
    Nov 12, 2017 at 9:37
  • It's not necessary in KDE Plasma 5.16 Sep 20, 2019 at 19:52
  • When I turned on compositing, it broke the setting window so I couldn't turn it back off again. I logged in using gnome/mate, opened plasma-open-settings and was able to disable it again.
    – Zamicol
    Sep 16, 2022 at 20:19

EDIT: this answer is for KDE 4 - not 5

This can be done from:

System Settings > Workspace Appearance and Behaviour > Desktop Effects > General > Activation

A screenshot to show the menu:

enter image description here

And a lot of options in there to selectively block the effects so you don't miss out on all of the fun :)

  • Thank you for your answer. I didn't manage to find "Workspace Appearance and behaviour" option in the settings but i found the "Desktop Effects" entry. Are those two windows almost identical? (Please check this screenshot for clarification: i.imgur.com/KbIKLvx.png). Note: I have installed the KDE desktop environment after installing Ubuntu Mate, so my current installation is not a fresh installation of Kubuntu 15.10.
    – Ken
    Apr 17, 2016 at 8:05
  • That looks like the 'All Effects' tab from my screenshot. Odd...
    – andrew.46
    Apr 17, 2016 at 8:51

In openSUSE Leap 42.2 , to turn off desktop effect. click settings > configure desktop> scroll down to display and monitor> compositor...un-click enable compositor on start up.

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