I wrote a little script that grabs a random wallpaper from the Desktoppr API and changes my desktop wallpaper to it:

url=$(curl 'https://api.desktoppr.co/1/wallpapers?page='$(shuf -i 1-1000 -n 1) | jq ".response[].image.url" | sed $(shuf -i 1-20 -n 1)'!d') &&
wget "$url"

When I run the script, the final wget command fails with the error:

"http://a.desktopprassets.com/wallpapers/...jpg": Scheme missing.

When I put the URL directly into the wget command, like so:

wget "http://a.desktopprassets.com/wallpapers/...jpg"

... the command executes correctly and downloads the image, meaning that the error occurs because of some problem in the variable.

I think this might have something to do with the jq library that I am using to parse the JSON response from the Desktoprr API.


You need to remove the double quotes surrounding the URL, for example by using the -r option to jq:

url=$(curl 'https://api.desktoppr.co/1/wallpapers?page='$(shuf -i 1-1000 -n 1) | jq -r ".response[].image.url" | sed $(shuf -i 1-20 -n 1)'!d')

Currently the command actually results in

wget "\"http://a.desktopprassets.com/wallpapers/...jpg\""
  • Bravo. This problem had me slamming the keyboard. Thanks! – Hussain Khalil Apr 16 '16 at 17:17

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