Since a couple of weeks I'm having an annoying problem. The connection switch in bluetooth is greyed out:


So in order to re-establish a connection, I have to re-pair the devices (a bluetooth speaker in this case). Even this takes a couple of tries before it succeeds.

So i looked to my bluetooth status, which shows some errors:

sudo service bluetooth status -l

enter image description here

so i went further to see from which hardware manufacturer my bluetooth adapter is



Seems some proprietary from toshiba?

Anyway, how can i solve this "not enough free handles" problem please? In the past, it worked without to many problems (it did occur that i have to repair them, but only once in a while). Maybe it is caused by an kernel update?

(ps: i'm running ubuntu 15.10 x64)

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Check rfkill service. It could block connections sometime for LAN, Wifi and Bluetooth.

You can check what is blocked with this command:

rfkill list

My bluetooth was blocked. I used this command:

rfkill unblock bluetooth

So now "not enough handlers" error is gone and BT works as it should


This problem was solved by upgrading to 16.04


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