1. CTRL+ALT+F1
  2. Login to shell
  3. Type any command: sudo, ls, cat
  4. Output:

     -bash sudo: No such file or directory

Also when I login, environment variable is printed:

-bash: export: '/home/some/path:/home/some/other/path: _not a  valid identifier_

It's thenot a valid identifier part which I believe is causing the problem. I am new to Ubuntu. What I would like to know is

  1. How to get sudo working here?
  2. Anyway I can edit my .profile?
  • Your profile shouldn't need sudo to edit by you: just edit it using for example /usr/bin/nano ~/.profile – steeldriver Apr 12 '16 at 14:58
  • @steeldriver potential answer?? Anyway, you probably still have a issue becuase sudo should be available - what is the output of echo $PATH, and have you edited any rc files lately (e.g. ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile)? – Wilf Apr 12 '16 at 15:24

You have trashed the definition of PATH, the list of directories the shell searches for commands you type. Thus, when you type ls the shell looks at the directories in $PATH and doesn't find /bin/ls. There is a two-step fix:

# First, manually set PATH to something survivable
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin

# then edit your `~/.bashrc`, find the line that begins with
# "/home/some/path:/home/some/other/path" and see why Bash wants to
# see an identifier at this point. Bad continuation on the previous line?
nano ~/.bashrc

When you've fixed the problem, either log out/in or source ~/.bashrc in every shell process you have open.

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