Gnome Classic defaults to using metacity (at least, for me). When I activate compiz (compiz --replace), the unity panel and launcher show up.

This is due to Unity being a compiz plugin.

Is there any way I can get compiz to use a different profile for Unity (w/the Unity plugin on) and another for Gnome Classic (w/the Unity plugin off)? Even though I would prefer to keep both (for support reasons), should I give up on GNOME Classic and just hack the hell out of my Unity login's compiz profile?

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There are 2 different profiles in a fresh install - the unity & the default profile

The default profile by default doesn't have the Unity plugin enabled & uses the 'static application switcher', probably a few other diff.'s

At some point you may have switched to using the 'default' profile while logging into Ubuntu (unity-3d) & enabled unity, ect.

You may be able to set all back with a gconftool command but try this 1st. -

Login to Ubuntu (unity-3d) & then open this file

gedit ~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config

If it has this section in it then remove [general_ubuntu] & all below it, save. (or just remove all from the file & save as an empty file

profile =

Then open a terminal & run ccsm, it should show on line 5

Profile     : unity

If so then your Ubuntu login is on the unity profile where it belongs

Then log out & in to Classic - start compiz if need be, then run ccsm from there. Line 5 should show

Profile     : default

If so then any ccsm changes made in either Classic or Ubuntu logins will not affect the other login


The moment you click on "Preferences" in ccsm while in the Ubuntu session you will be switched from the 'unity' profile to the 'default' profile.

Sometimes this causes a hang, other times if you wait the desktop (control) will return, usually sans unity.

Here is a bug I have on this unfortunate occurence


  • I did change profile. The selected profile name consisted of odd looking boxes and lines - not a language, just gibberish. So, I deleted it and was rudely brought to the lightdm login screen. Logged back in, ran CCSM, and the Profile was still there - this time consisting of new gibberish. Another try deleting it and again crashed to login. Logged back in, ran CCSM, and the profile was gone this time. I imported my 10.10 saved profile and nothing happened; so, I rebuilt Default for (Gnome Classic) from what I could remember of it.
    – user32358
    Nov 5, 2011 at 4:24
  • I will check out your instructions, modify then to account for the fact that 'unity' profile is gone (I will recreate it), and hopefully I can get a unity profile working, again. TYVM
    – user32358
    Nov 5, 2011 at 4:24
  • Logged back in on "Ubuntu" > cleared the file you mentioned as it did contain the bad info > compiz (or something) noticed the changed file and my desktop crashed back to lightdm's login screen > logged back in on "Ubuntu" > Perfect! Might have ran a unity --reset at some point, too - but, I don't think it mattered.
    – user32358
    Nov 5, 2011 at 6:53

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