I was trying Ubuntu 16.04 but had issues and decided to install 14.04 over it. I have 16.04 installed on a single ext4 partition and encrypted my home folder (I remember the encryption passphrase).

Before installing 14.04 I created a 2nd ext4 partition on the same hard drive and made a copy of the files I need from my home folder. I later came across a post that suggested I could have installed 14.04 over 16.04 and kept my home folder (argh).

I thought I was installing over the first partition on my disk but I must have been paying full attention. I also installed LVM, which may have made things worse, in an attempt to prevent this in the future.

I booted to 14.04 and tried to a rescue with GParted but that didnt work. I installed testdisk and after a deep analysis I was able to find my previous root with my home folder and .ecryptfs files.

I think that I need to try to rebuild the ext4 file system, then mount it and decrypt and move the files where I need them. I need a little help getting there. I think I need to assign a file system from testdisk but I want to be sure. Also, does this have to be done from a Live CD? I realize once the files get written over I cant get them back.



If you overwrote the files, they're gone. If testdisk couldn't find the partition, it's essentially gone. You could try photorec, it may find some files yet, but a backup copy would be best.

If you still have a copy somewhere, run ecryptfs-recover-private

As always, remember that if files are important enough they should have a good backup somewhere.

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