I am looking for software that allows me to load an audio file make splits in it. I would like to then rearrange it to change what someone said :). I have seen many videos online where people have done it and I cannot figure out how. It would be nice to change pitches and other things like that but those are not necessities


Certainly for simple splitting Audacity is the easiest gui tool to use. Using an example on my own setup:

  1. First import your audio into Audacity
  2. Drag your cursor along and select a segment of the audio
  3. Press Ctrl+B and label the segment
  4. Repeat for other segments and also label appropriately, my example is labelled simply 'Part 1' and 'Part 2":

enter image description here

  1. You mentioned changing pitches and other effects, have a look now at the 'Effects' menu and you will see a truly amazing set of effects that can be applied to the output audio. First press Ctrl+A to select all segments (or select the segments individually with mouse click) and then apply any of these effects:

enter image description here

The 'Reverse' effect is my personal favourite!

  1. Press Shift+Ctrl+L to simply export the 2 segments as separate files in the format of your choice with the meta tagging of your choice
  2. If you wish however to rearrange the splits before exporting this can be done as a simple cut and paste. See here, using the same audio file, I have reversed the audio and you can see that the waveforms are now chopped in half and replaced out of order:

enter image description here

And now export the whole 'reversed-segment' file with Shift+Ctrl+E.

Hopefully I have addressed all of your points? Endless fun to be had with Audacity :)


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audacity may be able to do what you want (and more, also does the optional things you had)... http://www.audacityteam.org

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From command line the tool you want to play with is called sox

Installed as an apt-get command - this is a VERY useful and flexible interface.

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