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I am looking for a simple screenshot annotation tool with the following features:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Blur
  • Draw shapes and lines
  • Add text

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You could do worse than to use the screen capture tool scrot and open the resulting screenshot directly in gimp:

scrot -q 100 -e 'gimp $f'

You can set this particular commandline to a key, I illustrate here mapped to F6:

enter image description here

Or you can simply run it from the commandline with the glorious addition of a timer and delay:

scrot -d 10 -c -q 100 -e 'gimp $f'

The gimp should make short work of your image manipulation needs and there are many other scrot settings which you can tailor to your needs...

  • Dear @andrew.46, I appreciate your reply but GIMP is a too heavy tool for my taste. – orschiro Apr 9 '16 at 16:09

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