I am using Ubuntu 15.10 and Rhythmbox. The problem is that I can't login to last.fm. The program always gives an error saying "Token expired".

I upgraded Rhythmbox (to 3.3) and its plugins from the ppa but there was no result. I tried to set a different default browser but again with no result.

Up to this point I haven't got any clue how to solve this. Can anybody help me?

Some images of process are below.

1. Open last.fm in player

Open last.fm in player

2. Press log in

Press log in

3.This page opens

auth page

4. Pressing "Yes" and getting the same error

Token error


I had this issue until recently. What you should do is delete the contents of ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/audioscrobbler, particularly the file sessions, then try and authenticate again. It should work then.

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