I'm running ubuntu 11.10, and all the menu-bars (File, Options, etc ) from applications like gedit & co are gone.

For some applications that is not a problem, because there are still icons I can click on, but for other applications I need to access their menu bar. So how can I get the menu-bars back?

EDIT: I'm using gnome-shell not unity.

  • I'm using gnome-shell on 11.10, and this does not happen for me. Yes, unity's installed as well. You could try backing up your home directory and creating a fresh home directory. It might just be a config file or something?
    – user1477
    Nov 4, 2011 at 19:42

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Disable any globalmenu extension, then in the terminal type:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Navigate to org/globalmenu and uncheck enabled. Log out and log back in.


I figured out & solved the problem:

Because of a LightDM bug, I was always logged into Unity. Then, on a terminal I would do:

gnome-shell --replace &

If you do that, GNOME Shell does indeed start, but the programs' menubars are not visible. If I however circumvent the the LightDM bug and make sure I get logged into GNOME Shell right away, the menubars appear as expected. so this seems to be some kind of weird LightDM / Unity / GNOME Shell interaction bug.

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