I could see there are some new movies with wmv file format, but on my Ubuntu 15.10 nothing seems to be able to play these files. I tried SMPlayer, it shows some strange image, no sound; VLC crashes the system, creates few GB of swap; Totem player crashes in the beginning ("The stream is encrypted and decryption is not supported").

I uploaded the file on my Dropbox account, here (the Download is on the upper right side): https://www.dropbox.com/s/fle5634rg5gmlv7/11.22.63%20S01E08%202015%20HDTV%20x264%20-%20AFG.wmv?dl=0

Maybe some more experienced one can have a look at it.

There is a chance the file could be corrupted, but it happens the same with many extremely new movies having this format and thousands of people share them, I would think they would say something if this is a bad joke.

I have no idea what to do to open this file (and similar ones), but I do have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed and I could find no other movie not be played on my system. And it is a quite capable one, performance should not be an issue.

Any idea? Thanks.


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This file is encumbered with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and thus cannot be played on Ubuntu.

  1. MPlayer reports:

    DRM License URL: http://www.microsoft.com/isapi/redir.dll?prd=wmdrm&pver=2&os=win&sbp=newclient
    This file has been encumbered with DRM encryption, it will not play in MPlayer!
  2. And mediainfo has the same story:

    Encryption                               : http://www.microsoft.com/isapi/redir.dll?prd=wmdrm&pver=2&os=win&sbp=newclient
    Encoded date                             : UTC 2016-02-11 00:07:28.422
    MediaFoundationVersion                   : 2.112
    Language                                 : English (US)
    Encryption                               : Encrypted
  3. ffprobe shows:

    [asf @ 0x655d00] Ext DRM protected stream detected, decoding will likely fail!
    [asf @ 0x655d00] DRM protected stream detected, decoding will likely fail!

Unfortunately this leaves your file completely unplayable under Linux....


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