I'm trying to create an "alias" to run a server in a separate terminal, then after a few seconds open its client, this is the command I'm trying:

alias kingp='xterm -e sudo /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer -L INFO -f /opt/king-$/king-phisher/server_config.yml; /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisher'

The problem with this is that it does not run the second command until I close the server (CTRL+C), and them it runs the client normally, I've tried with & and && at the end of the server command to no avail, it seems like the server, even being run with -e is still not liberating the terminal for the other command to run, I've been successful with -e before and have no idea why in a alias it does not work, anyone can help me? thank you very much guys.

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    IMHO aliasis are nice for simple commands, but as the commands get more complex, better to run a script. Is there some reason you need to run xterm here ? try alias kingp='sudo /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer -L INFO -f /opt/king-$/king-phisher/server_config.yml; /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisher` I am not sure where you want an & but your problem is likely due to calling xterm. If you write a script, however, your alias is simply alias kingp='sudo /path/to/script – Panther Apr 5 '16 at 12:47
  • Thanks I'm trying with a script but the server keeps executing one after another, it enters a infinity loop and never jumps to the next command, I think it has something to do with the parammeters that are being passed to the server (the -L etc..), gonna keep digging, thank you fort your help :) – w1r3dh4ck3r Apr 5 '16 at 15:06

The problem is that the alias is first interpreted by Bash, and then by XTerm.

Bash interprets the whole alias as two separate commands: xterm -e sudo /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer -L INFO -f /opt/king-$/king-phisher/server_config.yml and /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisher, and the commands are executed one after the other in the current shell.

Using & instead of ; won't help, because Bash will still interpret &; escaping ; or & won't help either, because XTerm has no notion of Bash syntax, and will pass either ; or & as an argument to /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer (along with the remainder of the command, /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisher).

The only solution is to tell XTerm to invoke Bash and let Bash do the parsing:

alias kingp="xterm -e bash -c 'sudo /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer -L INFO -f /opt/king-$/king-phisher/server_config.yml & /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisher'"

Unless you user doesn't need to provide a sudo password in order to run /opt/king-phisher/KingPhisherServer, this will lead to the server not starting because of the sudo command being backgrounded before being able to read the password; see here for possible solutions: How do I run a sudo command needing password input in the background?.

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