I have ubuntu 15.10 x64 and wine x32 (playonlinux). No any sound in games (try hearthstone, C&C and etc). Try this http://oldwiki.winehq.org/WineAndPulseaudio, but zero effect. How I can fix it? Thank you for any help.

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So I manage it by myself. Here solution:

  1. Basic advice - if you can use latest version of wine.
  2. No need in http://oldwiki.winehq.org/WineAndPulseaudio. Just use winetricks - configure - and select audio to alsa.
  3. If you use PlayOnLinux or etc you can run winetricks for separate wineprefix with command from terminal:
    WINEPREFIX=/home/link0802/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/RA3 winetricks
    link0802 - your user.
    RA3 - name of you wine drive/wineprefix
    Once again select audio to alsa in winetricks

  4. If audio still doesn't work try to uncomment/set default-fragment-size-msec = 5 in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf. Run pulseaudio -k to restart pulseaudio.

  5. If problem is still here try to remove package alsa-oss. Restart pulseaudio and try again.

Additional: Sometimes you will need to run apps from wine with command line argument(for example to force game use some audio/video engine). In playonlinux you can do it like this:

  1. Open you wine drive/wineprefix settings in playonlinux. Settings - select drive your drive - Miscellaneous - open shell.
  2. Paste command in terminal
    POL_Shortcut "RA3.exe" "Red alert 3" "" "xres=1366 yres=768"
    "RA3.exe" - exe to execute.
    "Red alert 3" - title for shortcut (second "" is desc)
    "xres=1366 yres=768" - command line arguments for exe (without "-")
  3. If you use wine without additional software just type

    wine myapp.exe -yourCMDargument


for normal debian repo wine

I ran: winecfg and then clicked the Audio tab, then selected Pulseaudio in all the dropdowns under the Defaults section.

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