So I have an OyO (Thalia) which can read PDF files. It have an option "Table of content". It shows several labels which direct on certain pages for example when opening "64-ia-32-architectures-software-developer-manual-325462.pdf".

I think this is accomplished by some internal Table Of Content structure inside PDF files.

How can I make a custom one? I'm using Libre Office writer and have exported an PDF file from it.

I've tried adding bookmarks inside Libre Office writer but when I export to PDF with the option "Export bookmarks" - nothing is then displayed on my OyO "Table of content" option (when I copy the file).

I also tried downloading the Adobe Acrobat DC trail version if that could work but it's downloading me some OS X installation and I can't change that. But even if I could - will Wine run it?

Any help please?

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