I couldn't find what is the meaning of the /N below in the top command




What do those numbers mean?


It depends on the process. The /… is part of the process name, as can be seen from pgrep output:

$ pgrep kworker -a | head
5 kworker/0:0H
16 kworker/1:0H
21 kworker/2:0H
26 kworker/3:0H
31 kworker/4:0H
36 kworker/5:0H
41 kworker/6:0H
46 kworker/7:0H
165 kworker/0:1H

For kworker processes, the answer is in this Unix & Linux post:

According to kernel.org, the syntax is kworker/%u:%d%s (cpu, id, priority). The u designates a special CPU, the unbound cpu, meaning that the kthread is currently unbound.

The workqueue workers which have negative nice value have 'H' postfixed to their names. (source)

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