I have an application that I downloaded from my class' website for our custom avr robot and it requires root privileges to send our binaries to the robot via usb.

When I try to use it with sudo, the terminal says that the program was not found, even if it is in my path (and is found when not using sudo).

I've seen that programs like muon and other software updaters use policykit to request for password only when needed, after the software is launched. By using this I could launch the app normally then I would be prompted for my password to allow it to do its things.

How can I actually add this to our application? I can't find any documentation for the policykit, I don't even know if it is supposed to be in the sources or tied to the binaries...


The binary might be in YOUR path but not in roots path. Try using an absolut path with sudo:

sudo /home/you/bin/some_binary
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