I'm running 10.04LTS inside VMWare Fusion on a Mac.

The [command] key (aka [windows] on many keyboards) is almost always behaving as if it was [ctrl], even though I done anything explicit to request that behavior.

In fact, in System>Preferences>Keyboard>Layouts>Options>Alt/Win key behavior, 'default' is chosen (rather than the 'Control is mapped to Win keys' option). However, choosing other options there do not seem to change the handling of [command], at least not as tested in the System>Preference>Keyboard Shortcuts app. (No matter what I've tried, [command]-x is always detected as [Ctrl]-x in that app.)

I've tried:

  • various options under System>Preferences>Keyboard>Layouts>Options>Alt/Win key behavior
  • toggling the VMWare Fusion > Preferences > KKeyboard & Mouse > Key Mappings setup which claims to map '[command]' to '[windows]', and restarting the VM in each position
  • the xmodmap lines suggested at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MappingWindowsKey

And yet, it's clear that all Ubuntu apps aren't merging [ctrl] and [command], because in 'Terminal', [shift]-[ctrl]-c will Copy, but [shift]-[command]-c will not.

If the [command]/[windows] key was recognized as anything else ('Super', 'Meta', 'Hyper'? I don't care as long as it's not 'Control'), then I could achieve my real goal (which happens to be enabling CMD-based cut/copy/paste in PyCharm, while leaving CTRL-X/etc available for emacs-like bindings). I think any solution which manages to make [command]-x appear as something other than [ctrl]-x in Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts will probably do the trick.


Translating the Cmd key to Ctrl within the VM is a VMware Fusion feature. I believe it can be disabled from either the VMware Fusion global preferences or the individual VM settings.

  • Toggling the VMWare Fusion setting I could find -- the "VMWare Fusion > Preferences > KKeyboard & Mouse > Key Mappings" setting mentioned above -- did not help. I doubt the VMWare settings are the key factor -- if I use 'xev' inside Ubuntu, I see that the [ctrl] and [command] keys are being recognized as different events. But other programs (including notably the standard System>Prefs>Keyboard Shortcuts tool) refuse to see them as any different. And further, now one of the things I tried seems to have caused a persistent reversing of the sense of the [caps lock] key inside the VM. Ugh. – gojomo Nov 21 '11 at 8:43

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