I'm running ubuntu 14.04.4 as a VM on Hyper-V (Server 2012 R2). The VM is configured to only have 1 VCPU and 2GB fixed ram.

Shutting down, or restarting takes around 15 minutes (sometimes a lot longer). The terminal disconnects immediately, and I can't reconnect but other than that nothing appears to happen. Connecting to the VM (I think it's called tty1, but I'm very new to linux!) I can see this:

Restart ending at Restoring Resolver State

In Hyper-V the state goes to "Stopping-Critical" and the status is "In Service". Eventually the machine wills top.

I've had a look around the issue but I'm struggling to find any obvious issue (I also can't tell if Hyper-V is causing the issue or not).

I think I might need to do something with grub to show me more info, but I'm a little out of my depth here! Any advice would be really useful!


After rebooting another ubuntu machine running on the hyper-v server I can see it's having the same issues. I'm going to move the machine to another hyper-v server and see if that is the issue, but at the minute I suspect it is.


In this case it was an issue with Hyper-V. Removing and re-adding the feature fixed it.

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If you can change Hypervisor host server, I'll recommend you the free Citrix XenServer, the Hyper-V is rather used to be hosted on Win Servers running Win VMs. Maybe OpenStack, KVM or even VmWare could be a better Hypervisor choice...

In this case, the drivers might not be installed. Look at dmesg | less, or less /var/log/messages from Hyper-V console (tty#), after you was ordered a shutdown.

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