I messed up the wifi driver of my Ralink RT3290 (very old laptop) trying to install the bluetooth driver, apparently there's no working bluetooth driver for RT3290 for kernel 4.2.0-34-generic. But I almost never use bluetooth so it's off topic.

I need help with removing/uninstalling driver installed using dkms. Here's the output of code :

oju@ubuntu:~$ dkms status
rt3290sta,, 4.2.0-34-generic, x86_64: installed

This driver is currently in use by the system as shown in this link : http://pastebin.com/Fae3H5PG

This driver makes the wifi disconnect regularly(in around every 10 mins) but I don't recall this happening with the driver that came with the OS. What should I do now? Thanks For the Help!!


You can uninstall this driver by this command:

sudo dkms remove rt3290sta/ --all
  • You answered it faster than it took me to format my question, Anways, I just Rebooted and I can confirm that it works like it did before. Appreciate the help. – Surya Kant Mar 31 '16 at 17:46

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