I'm getting the following message while launching Eclipse:

The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its 
companion shared library.

I've tried to install it with the installer and without but the result is the same.
Note: I don't want to install it from Ubuntu Package because it is an old version !

  • which version of Ubuntu? whether 32 bit or 64 bit? Which version of Eclipse you are trying to install? Which JDK - Oracle or OpenJDK? – Ashu Mar 31 '16 at 18:44

I won't flag your issue as duplicate of another issue on SE but it is somewhat similar to that. Please refer to this thread.

In case the Eclispe installer is not working you have an alternative way. Assuming you are on 64 bit Ubuntu you can try this. It's the same version of Eclipse IDE and works fine in case the installer is not working properly for you.

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