I'm using all default lxc settings with ZFS as the backstore.

Which means, I have an lxc zpool and created containers with lxc-create -B zfs -n ubuntu-base -t ubuntu

Now, the root fs ran out of space because I was testing lxc with ZFS and a zpool created from a file.

I attached a virtual drive to the VM /dev/sdb, exported the exiting lxc zpool, and created a new lxc zpool with /dev/sdb

Then, imported the old lxc zpool as lxc-old Then, used zfs send all datasets from lxc-old to lxc, destroyed lxc-old

Now lxc-ls -f no longer shows any existing containers, but zfs shows the datasets

root@lxc:~# lxc-ls -f root@lxc:~#

root@lxc:~# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT lxc 5.40G 45.1G 19K /lxc lxc/clamav 679M 45.1G 870M /var/lib/lxc/clamav/rootfs lxc/hadoop 541M 45.1G 710M /var/lib/lxc/hadoop/rootfs lxc/hulk 1.11G 45.1G 1.26G /var/lib/lxc/hulk/rootfs lxc/mongodb 1.03G 45.1G 1.16G /var/lib/lxc/mongodb/rootfs lxc/mongodb2 1.03G 45.1G 1.16G /var/lib/lxc/mongodb/rootfs lxc/python 48.2M 45.1G 185M /var/lib/lxc/python/rootfs lxc/slamdata 427M 45.1G 576M /var/lib/lxc/slamdata/rootfs lxc/splunk 172M 45.1G 324M /var/lib/lxc/splunk/rootfs lxc/ubuntu-base 229M 45.1G 210M /var/lib/lxc/ubuntu-base/rootfs lxc/ubuntu-base@python 1K - 151M - lxc/ubuntu-base@mongodb 1K - 151M - lxc/ubuntu-base@slamdata 1K - 151M - lxc/ubuntu-base@hulk 1K - 151M - lxc/ubuntu-base@splunk 1K - 151M - lxc/ubuntu-base@hadoop 17.0M - 187M - lxc/ubuntu-base@new 1K - 210M - lxc/ubuntu-base@clamav 1K - 210M -

I'm not exactly sure how to get lxc to see the existing containers in the new lxc zpool

  • I think I know why now. They are missing config file in their respective containers. Will have to test it out – naisanza Mar 30 '16 at 23:41

The reason I "lost" all of my containers was what I had previously suspected, the config file being missing.

When ZFS is used as the backstore, and a new container is created, such as /var/lib/lxc/clamav/rootfs, only the rootfs directory is contained in the backstore (ZFS)

The config file is stored in the path /var/lib/lxc/<container>/config, which isn't stored in the backstore.

The solution is to create a dataset with a mountpoint of /var/lib/lxc/

root@lxc:~# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT lxc 11.4G 37.5G 526M /lxc lxc/_configs 44K 37.5G 44K /var/lib/lxc/ lxc/_share 252K 37.5G 252K /usr/share/lxc/

Problem solved.

  • Interesting. I've manually migrated my LXC containers to ZFS, and set my mountpoint for lxc to /var/lib/lxc, which includes all the configs. The rootfs for each LXC is in its own dataset like LXC expects with the ZFS backend. Glad to hear you solved the issue! – fideli Apr 21 '16 at 14:46
  • @fideli I had created the containers without first setting the mountpoints (because I just didn't know), so when I migrated it I lost all the configs :/ – naisanza Apr 23 '16 at 3:26

I'm taking a bit of a shot in the dark, but try the following. I noticed that in your zfs list you have the following:

NAME                       USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
lxc                       5.40G  45.1G    19K  /lxc

Perhaps your new lxc dataset needs to be mounted to /var/lib/lxc.

zfs set mountpoint=/var/lib/lxc lxc
  • By default /var/lib/lxc is the location for new privileged containers. BY specifying the backstore as ZFS it will create a new container as a dataset in a zpool named 'lxc' and set its mountpoint to the base directory of /var/lib/lxc – naisanza Apr 21 '16 at 7:29

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